Studio Hire Dumfries

I aim to run an inspiring and supportive space for photographers and a safe and respectful space for models.

If you are a working photographer in the Dumfries area, you will be excited to know that the GE Photography studio is now available to hire by appointment for shoots of any kind. If you are field-based photographer, it may not be worth your while to maintain a studio space of your own. But when you receive a commission that demands a studio environment, GE Photography can step in with competitive rates for photo studio hire in the centre of Dumfries, just minutes from the railway station. When photographers from other areas come to shoot in Dumfries, contact GE for photography studio hire.

While shooting on location can be exciting and creatively stimulating, there are certain comforts available when working in a well equipped studio environment. Certain types of commissions, such as portraits and commercial work, can often be best fulfilled by judicious use of studio equipment. Rather than just wonder, “Where can I find a photography studio hire near me?”, why not get in touch with GE Photography Studio Hire Dumfries and come to view our facilities. You may realise the location you were looking for was here all along.

Or if you are just starting out in the world of photography, thanks to our studio hire Dumfries new professionals and enthusiastic amateurs can have access to the same resources as seasoned photographers who have made their living in this trade for years. Take the next step and call for photo studio hire today.

For photography studio hire at competitive rates in Dumfries photographers should contact GE Photography.

Our Prices

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Per hour: £20.00
Half Day (4 hours): £60.00
Full Day (8 hours): £100.00
Overtime (Per hour): £80.00
Sat - Sun 9am - 5pm & Evenings*
Per hour: £25.00
Half day (4 hours): £70.00
Full day (8 hours): £120.00
Overtime (per hour): £25.00
*Evenings are any time after 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Please contact us for more information or to book the studio.

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